Quality and Food Safety Policy

A CONSERCALDAS - FOOD PRODUCTS has been operating in the food market since 2004 and has been created by the desire to maintain the FRAMI brand. The enterprising sense of the partners, combined with the strategy and rigor in management, makes this company a reference in the national and international market.

Our purpose is to grow in a sustainable manner in the markets we operate, based on a rigorous organizational structure in order to maintain the level of satisfaction of our clients.

In 2011 the company decided to meet the requirements of our customers in order to obtain food safety certification under the NP EN ISO 22000: 2005 standard and in 2016 the company decided to go further and move forward with the implementation of the Quality Management System Based on the reference NP EN ISO 9001: 2015, which was obtained in 2017.

All departments of Consercaldas assume their commitment to the Food Quality and Safety Management System. In this way, Consercaldas policy is to provide its customers with safe, legal and quality assured products.

Consercaldas aims to develop actions that translate into:

1 - Ensure the improvement and continuous updating of the Food Quality and Safety Management System through the identification, monitoring and control of the processes of the system, which includes the dangers to food quality and safety;

2 - Guarantee the satisfaction of its customers through the supply of products with the guarantee of Quality and Food Safety and information appropriate to the food chain;

3 - Provide, train and qualify the Human Resources to ensure knowledge and motivation for compliance with good practices and safety rules, as well as ensure their knowledge of the quality and safety customers requirements and the state of implementation of the Food Quality and Safety Management System;

4 - Guarantee facilities and equipment appropriate to the activity developed;

5 - Active communication between suppliers / customers and / or other relevant authority in the quality and safety of products;

6-Compliance with Regulatory and Legal Requirements;

With a path of innovation and variety, Frami is today recognized as a Quality brand and a synonym of realiability